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About Us

A Few Words About Us

Akhil Bhartiya Jangid Brahmin Mahasabha formed in 1907 is a top-level organization of Jangid Samaj. Mahasabha has completed its 111 years of formation and has collected the data of Jangid Samaj from all over India in these years.

Since inception Akhil Bhartiya Jangid Brahmin Mahasabha focused on its mission of making members. At present, Mahasabha consists of more than 9000 members and is continually in process. It has made us realize that we have special technics gifted by Lord Vishwakarma that make us different from any other castes. Mahasabha has fought a number of cases for proving Jangid Samaj as an Upper-Class Caste.

Mahasabha has worked for the social welfare of the community. It has provided various scholarships, help to poor/ widow female candidates, small industry loans etc. Today, Mahasabha has its own building along with many social Temples, Dharamshalas, Guest-Houses, School & Institutions which are being run by Samaj Candidates/ Trusts.

"Jangid Brahmin Patra" the social magazine covers all the latest happenings, events or programmes of Jangid Samaj from the nearby surroundings & keep the samaj updated for the same. Articles published in the magazine are full of inspiration and various branches of Mahasabha are supporting it, which are regularly in touch with meetings and correspondence. It also encourages female/ women education and their political participation.

Mahasabha has a protective and assertive role for Jangid Samaj. It is like a lamp which will show the path to samaj candidates in the future. Kailash Chandra Barnela Pradhan Akhil Bhartiya Jangid Brahmin Mahasabha

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