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Akhil Bhartiya Jangid Brahmin Mahasabha, Delhi has made many efforts for the upliftment of social status of Jangid Samaj. Since the formation of Akhil Bhartiya Jangid Brahmin Mahasabha, it started its work. Mahasabha has realized the actual status of our society and published a news magazine for the awareness of society members. It collected our social Rishi Gotras, Shashan so that we can spread samaj candidates into various parts of India.

It started establishing social schools & buildings for samaj candidates to encourage the education among society. It fought against other samaj priests and social leaders to get free from social evils. It started providing scholarships to needy students.

It promoted our social priests for worship and other social function like marriage, mundan, yagya etc. It has organized 43 sessions all over India to get ideas from various parts of society.

It corrected various Govt. documents which were useful for society. Various social priests were deputed in our samaj temples. It took the successful step to recognize that "We the Jangid are from High Class Society".

It started its mission for the removal of social evils like Meal after Death, Early Marriage, Dowry, Liquor etc. It started a new system of Samuhik Vivah Sammelan, which indeed was very successful till date. Lower class/ Low income group family have very much enjoyed this system.

It renovated the building of Mahasabha at Hyder Kuli in Delhi where well-furnished visitor rooms were available. It started education from School at Bikaner which is our social institution and purchased land at Mathura for Guest House.

It has formed various Shakha Sabha, Jila Sabha, Pradesh Sabha for social strengthening. It published directories from various places to know our samaj candidates. It provided helpless/ Widow female/ Handicapped candidates for financial aid. It has formed a committee for the welfare of education and finance.